Write a book proposal sample

Sep 19, Book Chapter Proposal The first formal step in writing your etext chapter is to submit a proposal. I hope that you will think about your chapter as just that: Yes, it is a class assignment, but if you think of it more pragmatically — as something you really want to write and potentially publish — it will make the assignment much more rewarding. A book proposal has two general elements:

Write a book proposal sample

And nothing screams, "I am here! I know what I'm talking about! Publishing a book will help you get consultation gigs, speaking engagements, clients, and exposure from TV, radio, and print interviews -- in other words, it will write a book proposal sample some serious doors and give you solid credibility as an expert in your field.

write a book proposal sample

The beautiful thing about the world of nonfiction publishing is that, unlike fiction, you only have to write a book proposal, not the entire book, in order to sell it.

Hone Your Idea Before you get started on your proposal, decide what it is about you and your idea that will make someone want to read your book. For example, there are tons of books about making money, but why are you drawn to Suze Orman's over T. Is it her voice?

The way she organizes her information? Figure out how you want to come across and what your book will offer that no one else's does. And if you can figure out a way to target an unfilled niche, go for it!

Prepare a Cover Letter This is a brief half page description of your proposal that will illuminate its important points and underline the sales and readership potential. If there are any current events that make your topic more timely, discuss them here as well. Write an Overview This is a one- to two-page synopsis of what your book is about, who it's for, why it needs to be written, and why it needs to be written by you.

It should have the same voice as your book if your book is funny, it should be funny, etc. This is where you'll include information on statistics you've gathered, experts you'll consult, research you'll include, ideas for photos, charts, and illustrations, and the approximate word count of your book.

Do Market Analysis Agents and publishers are going to want to know how they're going to make big bags of money if they take you on. You need to go out and find three or four successful books that are already written on your topic and do a quick book report on each, explaining what they tried to do and how you're going to do it differently and better!

If there aren't any books out there like yours, you'll want to go ahead and wag that in their faces as an excellent reason to publish yours.

You'll also want to offer some statistics on the demographic you'll be targeting to show that there's an audience for your book. Who are your contacts? What organizations are you a part of that can promote your book? Where can you speak or lead seminars? What media outlets can you get to interview you?

Come up with as many ideas as you can to show how wise, connected, and enthused you are. And keep in mind that this section of your proposal is about what you can do to promote your book, not what you think your future publisher should do.

Write a Brief Bio This should be brief and focus on the areas of your career and education that relate to your book topic.

You'll want to lead off with your writing experience if you have any, and be sure to include any media and marketing experience both will come in handy when promoting your book. If you haven't already, I strongly suggest you get out there and try to get an article or two published, do some lecturing, join relevant organizations, and hit up your local TV and radio stations to have you on.

The more you can up your expert quotient, the better, especially if it involves snagging some writing credentials. Prepare a Super-Detailed Outline Write a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of exactly what your book is about.

Under each chapter heading and subhead, you'll need to write a couple of sentences explaining the gist of that section.

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This should be done in the voice of the book and give the reader a clear idea of what's to come. Write a Few Sample Chapters Pick two or three chapters of your book and write them out in full. They don't necessarily need to be the first three chapters, but rather the ones that will showcase your talents best or bring across the part of the book you find most impressive.

Once you get all of these elements together, you'll put them in a neat little package and start sending it out to agents and editors. As with everything else on this planet, getting a referral is the best way in, so get out there and tell everyone you know and don't know, for that matter that you're looking to sell your fabulous book!

You should also hit the bookstore, find books that are in the same genre as yours, and see who the agent was usually they're thanked in the acknowledgements.A book proposal is required when pitching a manuscript to literary agents or editors in pursuit of landing a traditional book deal.

Similar to a business plan for an entrepreneur, writing a book proposal forces the author to dig in and do some important research while also planning the details of the book. Three editors at Mt.

Hermon requested the proposal, and I’d love your help in placing this book. Hope for Anxiety Girl is a step-by-step how-to book for the highly sensitive Christian woman who longs to move from anxiety to peace but needs a personalized map to show her the way.

Proposal Guidelines: Books for Children. General Notes: • Electronic submission is preferred, but paper proposals are acceptable. • If this is an electronic submission, please submit files formatted in Microsoft Word or later. Proposals and Publishers: When writing a self help or how to book, it’s advisable to first obtain a publisher and then write the book, unless you will be self publishing.

It’s really not a difficult process and simply involves getting a proposal out to publishers for their buy-in and input.

Examples to Help You

The cover letter is one of the most important parts of any proposal, as it is your opportunity to make a good first impression on your potential employer or client. That first impression will greatly affect your chances of acceptance, so it is important to create a clean, competent cover letter that is professional.

Proposal Guidelines. Harvard University Press publishes thoughtful books for both scholars and educated general readers in history, philosophy, literature, classics, religion, law, economics, public policy, physical and life sciences, technology, history of science, behavioral sciences, and education, along with reference works in a wide range of fields. NY Book Editors – How to write a darn good query letter – I especially like the bit at the end about the numerous submission of accomplished authors. J.K. Rowlings got tons of rejection letters. I imagine those literary agents have probably questioned their life choices at this point. Even though a memoir is a nonfiction book, you don’t need to write a proposal for your true story. Literary agents do not want to read a proposal for memoir. Generally, a memoir is handled the same way as a novel: the book must be complete and the writer must submit sample chapters.

Sample section(s) or chapter(s) from the proposed work (if available), and/or samples of other recently published writing. 8. An up-to-date copy of your curriculum vitae.

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