Usul fiqh essay

Different extremes exist, some believe the doors of Ijtihad are closed whereas others have broken the doors of Ijtihad altogether.

Usul fiqh essay

Introduction Within Islam, there exists no complete set of commands and punishments that Usul fiqh essay like a legal document. Thus, Islamic law emerged, shaped and enhanced in this way by Muslim scholars, as a bulk of resources of revelation and a methodology for making rules.

While making law, Muslim scholars ascertained the divine will. Coulson indicates that in Islam, law is the rule of God and the function of Islamic legal science was to discover the terms of that rule. Knut Vikor, Between God and the Sultan: A History of Islamic Law, London: Hurst,3. Edinburgh University Press, However one common aspect of these definitions is the agreement that it can be understood as the methodological science for Islamic Law.

Vikor summarizes three different levels to conceive the science of methodology of Islamic law. The first level is the divine revelation covering the Quran and sunna. In this process the understanding of these sources is the primary aim of legal authority.

While at this level analogical 3 I. Khan Nyazee, Theories of Islamic Law: Islamic Research Institute Press, Kamali, Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence, Cambridge: St Edmundsbury Press,1. Cambridge University Press,vii. Oxford University Press, In this process, whether or not the legal rules are applicable is decided.

It is not completely a book of law, since it covers a great number of different topics. There is also no doubt among Muslims that the Quran is the utmost basis and source of knowledge and truth.

Therefore, using the Quran in order to make a rule depends on understanding fiqh the meaning of the words of God and the fundamental methods and principles of law.

For example, the Quran ordered Muslims to give alms, but it did not specify how almsgiving is to be executed thus referring to a tradition of the Prophet would expound on this and provide instruction.

Usool Al Fiqh

Consensus Ijma The meaning of ijma is a determination and agreement upon something. Vikor criticizes that this kind of 9 Vikor, Between God and Sultan, International Graphics, EUP, However, ijma plays a significant role in corresponding to the needs of changing times in Islamic legal tradition.

The effective cause illa in the original case should be found and compared with the effective cause illa of a new case. Then, if the effective reasons of both are the same, the ruling of original case is applied for a new case.

In this process, use of reasoning is an essential factor because the law is deduced through the application of analogical reasoning. Why was it an important legal science in the classical period?

These are the linguistic aspects of the Quran and sunna, the criteria for dealing with proofs, and logic. It was, therefore, an important breakthrough in the classical period because it was the fundamental basis for other Islamic sciences, such as ilm al-tafsir, ilm al-hadith, and ilm al- kalam.

Being 14 Vikor, Between God and Sultan, Taj, The methodology of Islamic legal science is an answer to how judges attained and applied the law and it also helps understand Islamic jurisprudence on its own terms. This understanding enlarges the field of legal possibility by doing away with the sense of finality implied by the notion of discovery.

It opens the way, in other words, to other interpretations that maybe equally validatable on the basis of the authoritative sources and recognized theories. One of them was to meet the desires of intellectual elites to create an excellent and theological system for expounding the genes of law.

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Jun 16,  · Usoolul-Fiqh: it is the science concerning the comprehensive evidences of fiqh. Since fiqh consist of either [i] masaa‘il (issues) concerning which the ruling by one of the five rulings is sought, or [ii] it is the dalaa‘il (evidences) employed in extracting and determining these masaa‘il (issues).

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Usul fiqh essay

Did GOD Become Man. Is . (Cairo: Mustafa Al-Babi Al-Halabi, , p. 4). Then Imam Ash-Shafi stays father-founder of usul al-fiqh as a proper science that has a scope, sources, methods, and a subject matter.

The Scope of Usul Al-Fiqh: The scope of Usul al-Fiqh is wider then being just the methodology of law. Usul Fiqh in Ja'fari school. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Part of a series on defending of Imami creeds and theological the most important Abu Sahl's essay in the principles is the essay of "Naqz Al Shafe'ei or the refusing the shafe'ei which is written against Shafe'ei and also counted as the first completed work in the.

What is Fiqh? Fiqh is the understanding and comprehending of the object of nusoos (text). This is something which Allah Ta'ala had bestowed the pious predecessors with. Imam Abu Hanifah, Imam Shaafi (rahmatullah alaihima), etc. were Imams because of their deep understanding of this knowledge.

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