Scholarly journal business plan

Papers need to be written in ways that enable their authors to benefit from the research they have conducted. Papers serve functions for professional organizations and publishers as well. Included among the possible functions of research articles from the perspective of publishers and professional organizations are the following:

Scholarly journal business plan

Journal of Business Management. Journal of KCA University research. Journal of Economic Literature. Survey and review articles, book reviews, an annotated bibliography of newly published books, and a list of current dissertations in north American universities.

Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations. Social, cultural, organizational, and cognitive impacts of ecommerce technologies and advances on organizations around the world. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research. An international forum on all topics related to electronic commerce theories and applications: Journal of Interactive Marketing.

A thought leader and catalyst for shaping ideas and issues associated with electronic, interactive, and direct marketing environments. Journal of Internet Commerce. Journal of Marketing Management. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development.

Formulation, development, implementation and evaluation of enterprise policy. Flexible channel of communication to share new ideas and emerging technologies related to the field of electronic commerce.

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Shorter papers on marketing science, consumer research, methodology, and marketing strategy and management. A listing of articles free under Google Scholar. Publishes research concerning development, management and use of information technology.

Quarterly research journal, a trusted source of useful and innovative ideas for business leaders. New Media and Society.

International journal publishing research from communication, media and cultural studies. South African Journal of Business Management. Articles with real significance for management practice.

Research and scholarship focusing on the role of entrepreneurship and small business. Supply Chain Management Review.

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More news and reviews, but includes white papers. A multidisciplinary journal intended to answer questions about the information age:When Business Source Complete is combined with the comprehensive database Regional Business News Plus, the result is a package that delivers more key content to academic researchers than any other business database available.

IJBCRM is a refereed international journal that provides a professional and scholarly forum in the essential field of business continuity and risk management with particular emphasis on decision making using a multidisciplinary approach.

scholarly journal business plan

Organisational resiliency through risk assessment, contingency planning, systems security, crisis and disaster management, and recovery planning, as . When finding sources for a paper, you are often told you need "scholarly" or "peer-reviewed" sources. This page will help you understand what a scholarly source is, where to find scholarly sources, and how to determine if a source you have is scholarly.

The Journal of Business Research (JBR) is intended to be an outlet for theoretical and empirical research contributions for scholars and practitioners in the business field. JBR invites manuscripts. About this journal. Journal of Management (JOM) peer-reviewed and published bi-monthly, is committed to publishing scholarly empirical and theoretical research articles that have a high impact on the management field as a covers domains such as business strategy and policy, entrepreneurship, human resource management, organizational behavior, organizational theory, and .

The business plan identifies the goals of the business, defines the methods for achievement, provides a benchmark for measuring success, and is a requirment when applying for grants, fellowships or other types of business funding.

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