Political corruption and govt

States generally rely on a claim to some form of political legitimacy in order to maintain domination over their subjects. Divine right of kings The rise of the modern day state system was closely related to changes in political thought, especially concerning the changing understanding of legitimate state power and control. Early modern defenders of absolutism Absolute monarchysuch as Thomas Hobbes and Jean Bodin undermined the doctrine of the divine right of kings by arguing that the power of kings should be justified by reference to the people.

Political corruption and govt

History and cases[ edit ] Pre-Independence and the First Republic[ edit ] Corruption, though prevalent, was kept at manageable levels during the First Republic.

Azikiwe was the first major political figure investigated for questionable practices. Ina firm belonging to Azikiwe and family bought a Bank in Lagos. The bank was procured to strengthen local control of the financial industry.

Albeit, a report about transactions carried out by the bank showed though Azikiwe had resigned as chairman of the bank, the current chairman was an agent of his.

The report wrote that most of the paid-up capital of the African Continental Bank were from the Eastern Regional Financial Corporation. In western Nigeria, politician Adegoke Adelabu was investigated following charges of political corruption leveled against him by the opposition.

The report led to demand for his resignation as district council head. In the Northern region, against the backdrop of corruption allegations leveled against some native authority officials in Bornu. The Northern Government enacted the Customary Presents order to forestall any further breach of regulations.

Later on, it was the British administration that was accused Political corruption and govt corrupt practices in the results of elections which enthroned a Fulani political leadership in Kanoreports later linking the British authorities to electoral irregularities were discovered.

However, informed officials voiced concerns. Critics said Gowon's governors acted like lords overseeing their personal fiefdom. He was viewed as timid, faced with corrupt elements in his government. Ina corruption scandal surrounding the importation of cement engulfed many officials of the defense ministry and the central bank of Nigeria.

Officials were later accused of falsifying ships manifestos and inflating the amount of cement to be purchased.

I’m looking specifically for working politicians (rather than pundits or activists) who describe a tight linkage between money and political outcomes (as opposed to something vaguer). In what was the most expensive midterm election ever, a cash advantage didn't always translate to success at the polls. Pictured is Republican Missouri Senate winner Josh Hawley. Thus, political corruption enabled financial corruption (in some cases legalizing it!) Without regulations and government auditing, the finance sector went wild and engaged in .

The Nigerian government controlled the newspapers, so the Daily Times and the New Nigerian gave great publicity to denunciations of the administration of Gomwalk, and Federal Commissioner Joseph Tarka by the two critics.

A situation which may signal a cause for exigent action on corruption. After a military coup brought it to power, the new government sacked a large number of prior government officials and civil servants, many of whom had been criticized for the misuse of power they wielded under the largely uneducated military of Gowon.

Major projects including building new refineries, pipelines, expanding the national shipping and airlines as well as hosting FESTAC was done during the administration. A number of these national projects were conduits to distribute favors and enrich connected politicians.

The bank acted as a conduit to transfer hard currency for some party members in Nigeria. A few leading officials and politicians had amassed large amounts of money. They sought to transfer the money out of the country with the help of Asian importers by issuing import licenses.

Shortages and subsequent allegations were precipitated by protectionism. After its election the Nigerian government decided to protect local rice farmers from imported commodities.

A licensing system was created to limit rice imports. However, accusations of favoritism and government-supported speculation were leveled against many officials. Some cite the suitcases scandal which also coincidentally involved then customs leader Atiku Abubakar[ who?

The 53 suitcases were, however, ferried through the Murtala Muhammed Airport without a customs check by soldiers allegedly at the behest of Major Mustapha Jokolo, the then aide-de-camp to Gen. He rigged the only successful election in the history of Nigeria in June 12, The term "IBB Boys" emerged, meaning fronts for the head of state in business realm, someone who will transact dirty deals from drug dealing to money laundering.

The President was reportedly deeply involved in drug dealing through the first lady, Maryam Babangida, and Gloria Okon his girlfriend.

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The near-revelation of that fact by Dele Giwa triggered the assassination of the journalist by the Presidential death squad using a letter bomb.

From banking to oil and import licenses, IBB used these favors to raise cash for himself and his family, and is regarded as one of the richest ex-rulers of Nigeria supposedly with significant investment in Globacom [24] —one of the largest telecom operators in Nigeria, regarded as a front for his empire.

Political corruption and govt

French investigations of bribes paid to government officials to ease the award of a gas plant construction in Nigeria revealed the level of official graft in the country. Abdusalami was short and focused on transiting the country quickly to democracy. Albeit, suspicion remains that quite a huge of wealth was acquired by him and his inner circle in such short period, as he lives in quite exquisite mansion of his own adjacent IBB's that exceeds whatever he might have earned in legitimate income.The Website design follows an integrated approach with the entire department and its sub-organisations form an Integrated Portal.

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Political corruption and govt

Political corruption is the use of powers by government officials or their network contacts for illegitimate private gain. An illegal act by an officeholder constitutes political corruption only if the act is directly related to their official duties. How to stop corruption is a question in the minds of even well learnt people.

It is widespread and look inevitable, preventing it is not easy for the rulers. May 08,  · Domestic abuse is a different problem from financial corruption, but New York's political system seems to promote scandals of all kinds. Dec 05,  · Political corruption can divert scarce resources from poor and disadvantaged people.

This is especially common in countries where democratic institutions are weak or absent. Private rather than public interests dictate policy. Istanbul holds funeral prayers for slain Saudi journalist, seeks justice from Saudi Arabia.

Mourners said they would continue to seek justice for Khashoggi and press for those who ordered the.

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