Mother by maxim gorky

Their work in the factory dehumanizes them and robs them of their energy; as a result, they live like beasts.

Mother by maxim gorky

See Article History Alternative Titles: Aleksey Maksimovich Peshkov, Maksim Gorki, Maksim Gorky Maxim Gorky, also spelled Maksim Gorky, pseudonym of Aleksey Maksimovich Peshkov, born March 16 [March 28, New Style],Nizhny Novgorod, Russia—died June 14,Russian short-story writer and novelist who first attracted attention with his naturalistic and sympathetic stories of tramps and social outcasts and later wrote other stories, novels, and plays, including his famous The Lower Depths.

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When the boy was five his father died; Gorky returned to Nizhny Novgorod to live with his maternal grandparents, who brought him up after his mother remarried. The grandfather was a dyer whose business deteriorated and who treated Gorky harshly.

From his grandmother he received most of what little kindness he experienced as a child. Gorky knew the Russian working-class background intimately, for his grandfather afforded him only a few months of formal schooling, sending him out into the world to earn his living at the age of eight.

Frequently beaten by his employers, nearly always hungry and ill clothed, he came to know the seamy side of Russian life as few other Russian authors Mother by maxim gorky or since.

His late adolescence and early manhood were spent in Kazan, where he worked as a baker, docker, and night watchman. There he first learned about Russian revolutionary ideas from representatives of the Populist movement, whose tendency to idealize the Russian peasant he later rejected.

Oppressed by the misery of his surroundings, he attempted suicide by shooting himself. Leaving Kazan at the age of 21, he became a tramp, doing odd jobs of all kinds during extensive wanderings through southern Russia.

Mother by maxim gorky

Petersburg journal, he began a success story as spectacular as any in the history of Russian literature. He expressed sympathy and self-identification with the strength and determination of the individual hobo or criminal, characters previously described more objectively.

Mother (Gorky novel) - Wikipedia Background[ edit ] Mother is considered to be the only long work of Gorky on the Russian revolutionary movement; however, of all his novels, it is possibly the least successful.

Plays and novels Next Gorky wrote a series of plays and novels, all less excellent than his best earlier stories. It was made into a notable silent film by Vsevolod Pudovkin and dramatized by Bertolt Brecht in Die Mutter — Gorky also wrote a series of plays, the most famous of which is Na dne ; The Lower Depths.

A dramatic rendering of the kind of flophouse character that Gorky had already used so extensively in his stories, it still enjoys great success abroad and in Russia. He also wrote Meshchane ; The Petty Bourgeois, or The Smug Citizena play that glorifies the hero-intellectual who has revolutionary tendencies but also that explores the disruptions revolutionaries can wreak on everyday life.

Marxist activity Between and Gorky lived mainly in St. Petersburgwhere he became a Marxist, supporting the Social Democratic Party.

Mother by maxim gorky

After the split in that party inGorky went with its Bolshevik wing. But he was often at odds with the Bolshevik leader V. Gorky was arrested but released shortly afterward and went to Crimea, having developed tuberculosis. In he was elected a member of the Russian Academy of Sciencesbut his election was soon withdrawn for political reasons, an event that led to the resignations of Chekhov and the writer V.

Korolenko from the academy. Gorky took a prominent part in the Russian Revolution ofwas arrested in the following year, and was again quickly released, partly as the result of protests from abroad.

Gorky, MaximMaxim Gorky, c. Politically, Gorky was a nuisance to his fellow Marxists because of his insistence on remaining independent, but his great influence was a powerful asset, which from their point of view outweighed such minor defects.Mother - Maxim Gorky by Maxim Gorky Maksim Gorky was a Soviet author and founder of the socialist realism literary method.

He was also a political activist who spent several lengthy stays in Capri and Italy. Mother Homework Help Questions. What is the summary of the novel Mother by Maxim Gorky?

As an author who wrote happily under the Soviet Union and began the literary method called "social realism. 8 Mother - Maxim Gorky long and deep, goading on their feeble stom-achs with the biting, burning lash of vodka. In the evening they amused themselves idly.

The famous novel of revolutionary conversion and struggle. This novel of Russia before the Revolution is without question the masterpiece of Gorky. Jan 06,  · Mother by Maxim Gorky Part 1of2 (Book Reading, British English Female Voice). Mother: The Great Revolutionary Novel [Maxim Gorky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The transformation of a gentle woman into an active revolutionary is /5(11).

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