Essay on the munich putsch

Himmler joined the Nazi Party inrose steadily in the party hierarchyand was elected a deputy to the Reichstag German parliament in Himmler immediately began expanding the SS, which reached a membership of more than 50, by After Hitler gained power on January 30,Himmler became head of the Munich police and soon afterward became commander of all German police units outside Prussia.

Essay on the munich putsch

Adolf Hitler was really the illegitimate son of Jose Rizal. Two variations, I suppose, on the idea that "Yes, the Filipino Can! A dentistry student friend from UE has also heard these fanciful theories, but it also did not occur to him to ask on what evidence these fanciful claims were based.

So I did a little research to find out how people could make up such a story. At one point they tried to prove that the Japanese were Aryans, to make the Japanese members of the "master race.

He went to Heidelberg, Wilhelmsfeld, Munich in Bavariaall somewhat near a German—Austrian border; on August 9, he left for Leipzig "visiting various German cities along the way," one book saysarriving there on August In October he went to Dresden and then to Berlin.

He went to Dresden, Teschen now Decin in the former CzechoslovakiaPrague, and then Brunn where he lost a diamond stickpinand Vienna where he got back his diamond stickpin, which was found by maid in the hotel he stayed in Brunn in Austria.

His voyage ended at Linz. He was in Europe during the time Hitler was conceived and when he was born. She had an only daughter, Yuriko, by a foreign husband some years after her encounter with Rizal. Yuriko later married the son of a Japanese politician.

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Put all these information together and you may be able to conclude the following: Hitler was conceived either in when Rizal passed through Linz or other towns such as Brunn - How do you think he lost the diamond stickpin?

And who was the "maid" who found it later and gave it to Blumentritt who forwarded it to Vienna? In other words, Hitler was actually born before Or he was conceived in Augustwhen Rizal was supposedly in London. Or perhaps in Septemberwhen Rizal went to Paris for a week to have a rendezvous with Klara?

Maybe he went to Paris in so he could communicate more easily with the now-expecting Klara? He was simply a front. And Hitler knew she was his half-sister. She used her influence on her brother Adolf to persuade him to enter into an alliance with Japan making it one of the Axis powers.

Which is why Japan invaded the Philippines! And of course the reason why Hitler wanted to become dictator of Germany was because his natural father had spent some of the most interesting years of his life there!

That, I think, is the rationale behind such a fantastic claim based on information that can be gathered from any high school textbook on Rizal and any good biography of Adolf Hitler. Naturally, this can only be done through selective use of the evidence, but it does make for an amusing piece of historical fiction.

Unfortunately this claim cannot be supported by even the most spurious evidence. But at that timeRizal was in exile in Dapitan. He did pass through Hong Kong in and but he never seems to have visited other parts of China unless you count Xiamen and Macao.

So there are no details that can be manipulated. These exercises in foolishness prove how creative Filipinos can be. What other people would be able to make the bogus claim that one of their heroes fathered the man who almost turned Europe into a "howling wilderness" to borrow from the instructions for the extermination of Samar by American forces at the turn of the century.

Essay on the munich putsch

That would have been poetic justice, I suppose. The brown man strikes back and all that sort of thing. Your recently saved topics:The defendants in the Munich putsch trial of , including Hitler, Ludendorff and Rohm. In the early s, there was little difference between the NSDAP and a dozen other right-wing fringe groups.

But by the end of , the NSDAP had a charismatic leader, Adolf Hitler, and several thousand. The Munich Putsch could however be seen as a success in the long term as a success as the whole incident put the Nazi party on the national scene. It was a first this little party that only a small few had heard of but now it was house-hold name along with its leader Adolf Hitler.


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Adolf Rizal (and his Half Brother, Rizal Zedong) Manuel L. Quezon III, Saturday, September 17, Here is the craziest thing I’ve heard (and I’ve heard it more than once, at parties): Adolf Hitler was really the illegitimate son of Jose Rizal. Hitler managed to get lots of publicity from the court case; the papers reported daily on the court case.

4. On November 8th and 9th Hitler and the National Socialists tried to carry out a putsch. They hoped to overthrow the Bavarian regional government in Munich in prelude to .

Essay on The Failure of the Munich Putsch in November of - The Failure of the Munich Putsch in November of I believe that the military failure of the Munich Putsch was quite insignificant, since the party made a serious of political gains as a result of the putsch.

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