Achilleus reply to the three ambassador speeches

The Embassy to Achilles.

Achilleus reply to the three ambassador speeches

Book 9: The Embassy to Achilles | The Iliad | Homer | Lit2Go ETC

Here are some definitive tips to use when making an opening speech: Writing the Speech 1. Know the details At some conferences, only the General Assembly delegates make opening speeches. In others, all committees have their own speeches. Make sure you know that you have to make a speech.

In addition, make sure you know how long your speech needs to be. Focus on the issue that matters to your member nation the most and how that relates to the topics to be debated at the conference.

When trying to get people to listen, depth is more important than breadth. Some may argue that the purpose of an opening speech is to show your knowledge on everything — but for me, an opening speech is there to impress, to establish yourself as a leader and a good orator, which is something all committees love and need.

If you are talking at the proper, slow pace — words maximum is a good idea. Formatting Choose a font that you are most comfortable with, preferably Times New Roman or Arial, and make it 16 size font, justified, and 1.

This could apply to other speeches you make as well. If you need to do so, bold, underline, or make notes after printing to make sure you know which words to emphasize or be careful in pronouncing. This format allows for you to be able to read everything clearly in the confusion of nervousness or unexpected events.

December 26th, is a day every expert in this room will never forget. Most Chairs, including myself find it extraordinarily cheesy when someone makes another donut, mini-skirt, or Gandalf reference in their speech. Delivering the Speech 1. Practice and be prepared Make sure you practice at least one day in advance.

Timing is especially important. However, make sure you spend at least three quarters of the time looking at your audience. Never ever put your hands to your side or in your pocket. Make sure you are talking into the microphone if there is one, and projecting your voice outwards.

This does not mean shouting nor does it mean talking to yourself qualifies as making a speech. Shoulders back, back straight, and walk at a good pace with confidence and preparedness.

Farewell and Thank You to Ambassador Reddick | U.S. Embassy in Niger

It definitely makes a difference seeing a confident speaker walk up and ready to make a speech rather than a scared speaker scurrying up to the podium. Let mistakes happen If you have taken all these things into consideration, you should be fine.

Achilleus reply to the three ambassador speeches

If you speak too quickly or speak too slowly and get told to come to your closing remarks, that is fine. An opening speech is a small task that requires a lot of thoughtful planning.Free Sample of Speeches Use my free sample of speeches and speech outlines to inspire you and help you craft your own presentation!

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Make a note of what you find appealing/interesting about these speeches and apply the same tactics to your own work. A summary of Books 9–10 in Homer's The Iliad. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The Iliad and what it means.

Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. The assembly selects three ambassadors (Odysseus, Phoinix, and Aias) and sends them to Achilleus.

They find him playing the lyre and singing epic verses by the shore. They feast, and then Odysseus makes the first of the speeches imploring Achilleus to return. ABC News reported that “Trump told U.S.

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Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell to make Palij’s deportation his number one priority when he got to Berlin.” I found him just a cringe worthy as he was the last time I had to suffer through one of his speeches.

Why can’t this BASTARD (literally) go home and stay out of our faces. They make, each of them, very moving and pressing speeches, but are rejected with roughness by Achilles, who notwithstanding retains Phœnix in his tent.

The ambassadors return unsuccessfully to the camp, and the troops betake themselves to sleep. The Iliad by Homer. Home / Literature / The Iliad / Events / Book 9 Quotes ; Nestor stands up and makes a speech agreeing with Diomedes. Then he turns to more practical matters, saying they should serve the men dinner.

Achilleus's lengthy response expresses in no uncertain terms his absolute refusal of this offer and contempt for.

Achilleus reply to the three ambassador speeches
How to Make an Opening Speech