A social presentation of the country of ireland

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A social presentation of the country of ireland

A social presentation of the country of ireland

Irish is the common term of reference for the country's citizens, its national culture, and its national language. While Irish national culture is relatively homogeneous when compared to multinational and multicultural states elsewhere, Irish people recognize both some minor and some significant cultural distinctions that are internal to the country and to the island.

Northern Ireland occupies the remaining sixth of the island. Almost eighty years of separation have resulted in diverging patterns of national cultural development between these two neighbors, as seen in language and dialect, religion, government and politics, sport, music, and business culture.

Nevertheless, the largest minority population in Northern Ireland approximately 42 percent of the total population of 1.

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The majority population in Northern Ireland, who consider themselves to be nationally British, and who identify with the political communities of Unionism and Loyalism, do not seek unification with Ireland, but rather wish to maintain their traditional ties to Britain. Within the Republic, cultural distinctions are recognized between urban and rural areas especially between the capital city Dublin and the rest of the countryand between regional cultures, which are most often discussed in terms of the West, the South, the Midlands, and the North, and which correspond roughly to the traditional Irish provinces of Connacht, Munster, Leinster, and Ulster, respectively.

While the overwhelming majority of Irish people consider themselves to be ethnically Irish, some Irish nationals see themselves as Irish of British descent, a group sometimes referred to as the "Anglo-Irish" or "West Britons.

There are also small religious minorities such as Irish Jewsand ethnic minorities such as Chinese, Indians, and Pakistaniswho have retained many aspects of cultural identification with their original national cultures. The island is miles kilometers long, north to south, and miles kilometers at its widest point.

The area of the island is 32, square miles 84, square kilometersof which the Republic covers 27, square miles 70, square kilometers. The Republic has miles kilometers of land border, all with the United Kingdom, and miles 1, kilometers of coastline. The climate is temperate maritime, modified by the North Atlantic Current.

Ireland has mild Ireland winters and cool summers. Because of the high precipitation, the climate is consistently humid. The Republic is marked by a low-lying fertile central plain surrounded by hills and uncultivated small mountains around the outer rim of the island.

Its high point is 3, feet 1, meters. The largest river is the Shannon, which rises in the northern hills and flows south and west into the Atlantic.


As a result, Dublin has long been noted as the center of the oldest Anglophone and British-oriented area of Ireland; the region around the city has been known as the "English Pale" since medieval times.

The population of the Republic of Ireland was 3, inan increase ofsince the census. The Irish population has increased slowly since the drop in population that occurred in the s. This rise in population is expected to continue as the birthrate has steadily increased while the death rate has steadily decreased.

Life expectancy for males and females born in was The national population in was relatively young: The greater Dublin area hadpeople inwhile Cork, the nation's second largest city, was home toAlthough Ireland is known worldwide for its rural scenery and lifestyle, in 1, of its people lived in its 21 most populated cities and towns, and 59 percent of the population lived in urban areas of one thousand people or more.

The population density in was per square mile 52 per square kilometer.

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Irish Gaelic and English are the two official languages of Ireland. Irish evolved from the language brought to the island in the Celtic migrations between the sixth and the second century B.

Despite hundreds of years of Norse and Anglo-Norman migration, by the sixteenth century Irish was the vernacular for almost all of the population of Ireland.Geography of Ireland: official name, capital, main cities in Ireland, area (70, km²), climate (Due to mild southwesterly winds and the Gulf Stream Ireland has a temperate climate.

Summers are warm, while temperatures during winter are much cooler. Spring and autumn are very mild. It rains year round.).

Urbanism, Architecture, and the Use of Space The public architecture of Ireland reflects the country's past role in the British Empire, as most Irish cities and towns were either designed or remodeled as Ireland evolved with Britain.

Great Britain & Ireland. Famous Irish castle-hotels and manor houses, the dramatic Cliffs of Moher, pastoral Cotswold landscapes, mystical Loch Lomond and of course vibrant London are just some of the many highlights of these Ireland and Great Britain tours. Escape to centuries past as you watch a Shakespearean performance at Stratford-upon-Avon or view the mysterious monoliths outside of.

A social presentation of the country of ireland

Living in Ireland, in 5 languages, explores culture, language, history, Culture & Society. Share | Like any other country there are customs and traditions which are particular to Ireland. Greeting people. Irish people have the reputation of being very friendly.

Generally people will shake hands when they meet for the first time. Ireland: Presentation. Geography Demography Politics Economy Taxation Trade. Presentation of Ireland: Politics. It reflects the degree of freedom enjoyed by journalists, the media and digital citizens of each country and the means used by states to respect and uphold this freedom.

Finally, a note and a position are assigned to each country. Christmas in Ireland. Decorations. Holly rings originated in Ireland.

Because they were ample and cheap, the poor were able to easily decorate their homes for the occasion. It is considered bad luck to take down any decorations before ‘Little Christmas,” January 6th.

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