1776 book report

By kingsmartarse Books May 21, by David McCullough is a historical book written about the year during the American Revolution. The book focuses on the military aspects of the revolution during that year, the battles at Dorchester Heights, Long Island, and Trenton, as well as the military chain of command for both the Continental and British Army. McCullough does delve a little bit into politics of the American Revolution, but those areas are mostly left in the background i. Continental Congress, Declaration of Independence.

1776 book report

They very nearly did. This book is the story of how close George Washington, as commander of the American army, came to defeat in the terrible year of which also saw the Declaration of Independence.

At the end of that year, he assumed that the British, who had chased him all the way from New York, were about to cross the Delaware river and capture Philadelphia, capital of the revolution. But Washington was wrong, as he frequently was about military things. When Washington wrote those words, he did not know that General Howe, the British commander, had already decided that it was getting too cold to carry on fighting.

The war season was over. He would go back to New York and mop up Philadelphia and the Yankee army the following spring. Howe had thrown away victory before. But his failure to take Philadelphia when he could was worse.

They were anything but decisive in military terms. The war dragged on until the British surrender at Yorktown in But after Trenton, the American public realised that they could win and must win. The corner had been turned. A British reader has to know a bit of history before starting this book.

McCullough is not trying to tell the story of the American Revolution or even of the whole War of Independence. The battle of Bunker Hill is over when the book begins, with the British locked up in Boston by a cheerful, disorderly little army with almost no gunpowder.

The Americans, showing true inventive genius, went miles to the abandoned Fort Ticonderoga, extracted its enormous guns and towed them back over snowy hills and frozen lakes. When they opened fire from the heights, Howe at once conceded checkmate and abandoned Boston. An enormous British force of warships and troop transports assembled offshore meant that Washington had no long-term hope of defending Manhattan.

He hesitated and made bad mistakes. In their only stroke of first-class generalship, the British landed on Long Island and pulverised his army. From there, Washington and his dwindling, exhausted army retreated southwards to Newark and then across the Delaware.

Congress had already fled from Philadelphia to Baltimore. Washington thought the army game was up; it would have to be guerrilla warfare in the Alleghenies.

1776 book report

But then Howe stopped and blew a whistle for half-time. This is a well written, conventional war history, illustrated with quotations from the letters and diaries of men and some women on both sides.

But narrowing the subject to one year has drawbacks as well as advantages. The plus is that McCullough is offering one more irresistible narrative of a fabled Long March, from hope through despair to hope again, which is the tale of Xenophon and many others.

The minus is the lack of political background, which is perfunctory. What were their own dreams for America and what happened to them in the end?

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So Washington was a slave-owner and a friend of liberty?by David Mccullough Book Summary Essay; Book Report Words | 4 Pages. The book by David McCullough tells the story of the military aspects of the American Revolution.

McCullough writes the book from both the British and American point of views, creating a better understanding of what both sides were undergoing during the war. Aug 21,  · by David McCullough - Book Review In George Washington was a largely untested general learning to command and lead.

American forces, such as they were, suffered many more defeats than any victories they achieved, and the future of our nation was hardly assured.

Read this History Other Book/Movie Report and over 29, other research documents. The Siege Book. Summary of Sections In the first section “The Siege” the book starts on the date of October 26, with King George the third riding in his coach distressing about the war issue in America.

Book Report. Words Mar 13th, 4 Pages. The book by David McCullough tells the story of the military aspects of the American Revolution. McCullough writes the book from both the British and American point of views, creating a better understanding of .

Major Characters Analysis General George Washington Washington, a Virginian, was a self-made man, like so many men in the New World, and he was a born leader.

As enjoyable as the book is, recounts an oft-told tale, one that has attracted the attention of many historians over the years. regardbouddhiste.com is brought to you by World History Group, the world's largest publisher of history magazines. regardbouddhiste.com contains daily features, photo galleries and over 5, articles originally published.

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